About Amanda

Fifteen years ago, in a horrible downpour, I was on a mission to meet Lexington Walters to see if she was interested in selling her place. As the blinding rain continued to fall,  I drove my vintage Ford Mustang onto a covered bridge that soon collapsed as a flash flood destroyed it.

Lex, having been caught in the downpour while she was fixing a nearby fence, dove into the water and rescued me. That was the first of many adventures we’ve had as we persevere against the likes of cattle rustlers, escaped convicts, natural disasters, and misguided relatives.

Now we’re the parents of two young girls, Lorrie and Mel and our son, Eddie. Our greatest adventure is raising our children.


9 thoughts on “About Amanda

  1. Amanda,
    Nice things about blogs is their access to the community. Let’s just say I’m one of the many who have watched your family go through all your adventures and enjoy watching your family blossom.

      1. Amanda,
        So sorry. I live in a midwest state so unfortunately I can’t help you there. It appears you’ve got some ready made babysitters right there in your location with all the family around. And based upon the antics of Mel and Lorrie, that is a blessing for you. I remember as a teen, my friends and I babysat a lot. And we actually had families we “black listed” cause the kids were uncontrollable. I’m not saying yours would fall into that category, I’m sure they would be perfect angels to a babysitter who might not be family. 🙂
        Best wishes. And thanks for your blogs.

      2. Thank you, Pam. Mel and Lorrie try to take it easy on people who don’t know them well yet. But when they get comfortable with you, watch out!

  2. I must say that your life and Lex’s has always been fasinating and it’s so nice of you to write this blog about your family, and to see the love the two of you still have for one another. It’s an inspiration 😉

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