What’s A Gelding?

There are various tasks that must be done on any ranch. Some of them are not fit for small children or sensitive stomachs. Castration of any male animal fits that set of ranching jobs that some might want to avoid at all costs. Especially the animals.

The children were out of school for summer break. Shelby and Rebecca were at the house. Shelby and Lex were going over the livestock count and were deciding the optimal time to castrate the bulls.

“Can I watch?” Lorrie’s asked excitedly.

Shelby looked at Lex, who looked at me, while Rebecca decided to pretend she wasn’t listening and thumbed through a magazine.

“Sweetie,” I said, “Why do you want to watch?”

“Well,” Lorrie went into her reasoning stance, the one where she puts one over on the grown folks. “This might be my ranch someday, right?” She waited for Lex to answer.

“Um, sure. One day. But you’re still a little young to be out there when we’re gelding the animals. Are you sure you want to be there? It’s smelly and not really pleasant to see.”

“Yes, Momma. Can I?”

We’ve had the facts of life talk with Lorrie in all its variations. Several times. Especially after that one time—but that’s another story. Lorrie knew the difference between the male anatomy and the female anatomy. So we weren’t worried about any new revelations along that line. “I’m okay with it if your Momma is,” I said, happily lobbing the decision back to my wife.

“Okay. Shelby, after most of the work is done, please come get Lorrie so that she can see how it’s done.”

“Why me? I don’t wanna be the one who explains it all to her!” Shelby protested.

Lex smirked, “It’s good to be the boss.”

Rebecca snickered at the pained look on Shelby’s face.

A few days later, castration was underway. The cries of the cattle could be heard from a distance, so we decided to see if Lorrie’s resolve was still firm. It was. So later that afternoon, Shelby showed up at the house and escorted Lorrie to our stockyard to watch the last of the bulls go through the process.

Mel was at Martha’s and Eddie was asleep.  I was upstairs taking a break and working on my blog. I heard Lex’s footsteps on the stairs and called to her. “Honey? Can you come here?”

“Right away, darlin’.” As she came into our room, she asked, “What’s up?” She glanced around obviously looking for something or someone needing attention.

“Nothing’s wrong, honey. It’s something I want to show you on my laptop computer.”

“Oh, yeah.” As she sat on the bed beside me, she noticed what was on the screen. “Hey! RockingWMom! I didn’t know that you were still writing a blog. That’s great, Amanda!”

She started to get back off the bed, so I grabbed her hand and tugged her until she was seated back next to me. Then I clicked on a few things to take us to the statistics page for my blog. “Look!”

“What are all those flags, Amanda?”

“Where my readers live.”

“People are really reading your blog? That’s great, but there must be at least two dozen or more flags showing. You mean to tell me that people from all those countries are reading your blog?”

“Mostly in the United States, Canada, and the U.K. But there are a total of 45 flags here. Can you believe it?”

“I sure do, love. I guess they like keeping up with our little family. Congratulations.”

Lex bent to give me a kiss but the echo of Lorrie banging the front door open stopped her in mid smooch.

“Mom! Momma! I’m going to be—”

What can we say, we warned her.


P.S. Thank you to all the readers who check in to read Amanda’s blog, wherever you may live.

5 thoughts on “What’s A Gelding?

      1. It wasn’t until I got the last blog that I realised I hadn’t read any for awhile. I usually end up rereading them all. I also realised that I had never thanked you for the time you take out of your busy day to blog. So thank you once again and keep them coming, lol x

      2. I have never participated in an horse but I have on hogs and steers. It is definitely not for the faint at heart but and it is a big one, It is just part of farm and ranch life in Texas and other states. My Dad only had girls so with no sons we did all of that as well as drive tractors, haul hay, etc.

      3. I grew up in California, so I was surprised to find out that hamburger has ever been anyplace but a plastic wrapped Styrofoam tray. Ranch life has been an eye-opener for this California girl!

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