Our Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Some time back, I received a phone call from a woman who identified herself as a writer. She was born and raised in Texas and very much interested in the role women have played in Texas history.  Being from California, I couldn’t help her much, but I did agree to meet with her in town at the café.

Lex was unsure of the reason the woman wanted to visit, so she decided to tag along to make sure that everything was on the up and up and I was safe.

On the day of our appointment with the writer, we dropped Eddie off with my step-mother, Lois, and went on to the café. The girls would be in school for another few hours. So, other than the chores we put off that day, there was really nothing keeping us from meeting with the woman. Believe me, we tried.

I was nervous. If Lex was, she didn’t show it. Well, other than the death grip she had on my arm. But other than that, she was the very picture of calmness.

A middle-aged woman with short hair and glasses stood as we entered the café and motioned us over. How she figured out it was us, I have no idea. Maybe it was because the café’s server, Francine met us with, “Hey, Lex. You sure a lookin’ good, honey.  Manda, that gal of yours better appreciate you all to hell.”

No, we had no idea how the woman knew it was us.

Well, we had the meeting and finally relaxed into our story. The woman set her digital recorder to ‘on’ when she heard us going in the direction she was interested in.  We had ordered lunch, so sometimes our narratives were interrupted by a crunch or two of salad and the hiccups I always get when I eat hamburger.

At one point she asked, “Let me get this straight.  You,” she pointed her fork at Lex, “you rescued Amanda from a raging river? And together you fought off cattle thieves? And raised the youngest one? And you came face to face with a bull? And…”she rephrased the story of our lives so fantastically that we hardly believed our own lives.

All in all, it was an enjoyable afternoon. Well, I enjoyed it much better once we cleared up a few facts with her. But mostly, we had a nice visit.

Time went on and I forgot completely about it. But yesterday, a package came in the mail from a publishing house addressed to “Lex and Amanda, RockingWRanch, Texas”. Good thing she had our zip code right or we’d never have received it.

I waited for Lex to come back from the stables before opening the package. And there it was. Our story. With Illustrations?  Huh? Oh Geez. It’s a children’s book! “My Mommy Raises Cows!”