Nook Nook – Who’s There?

Lex is very indulgent of my penchant for discovering geeky toys that I must own and have needed all my life because, since closing the real estate business, I’ve discovered that I really am a computer addict.

I’ve replaced Lex’s old desktop computer with one that manages the household electronics such as lights, thermostat, and timed devices.  It also runs our wireless network.  Lex’s laptop is the one that manages the farm and backs up to an external drive.  The kids have a notebook computer that they take turns using for school projects.  And I have my notebook computer that I use for my blog, general web surfing, and to shop for more geek toys.

“What’s this do?” she asked while pointing to the object in the CompuGeeks ad for the week. “Is it the same as this one here?”

“It’s a tablet, an e-reader, that I can get my email on and use like a computer, but it’s a lot more portable.”

“But you already have a laptop computer, Amanda. We have plenty of computers.  Do we really need one of these?”  Lex stared at me like she was trying to figure out meaning of life.

I forgot the thread of conversation for a minute, because all these years later, I still get lost when she turns her gaze on me.

She snapped her fingers, bringing me out of my haze.

“Um, Lex.” I got up from my chair at the kitchen table and sat on her lap, straddling her thighs. I leaned in and kissed her, letting her feel the heat of my passion for her.

When I pulled back a second time, Lex moaned, “I’m not sure what we’re talking about, honey, but can we finish it upstairs?”

It’s now three weeks later.  I love having a tablet.  When I can’t sleep at night, I can use the tablet to browse the internet, send a few emails, and read online.  That brings me to the real subject of this email.  I got a reply to my Amanda Speaks! Blog, telling me about some stories I might enjoy.

I really haven’t indulged in Lesbian fiction before, but I have to say, some of it is very inspiring. Some of it has been educational.  Some of it is beyond my ability to suspend belief. But there are a few stories and series that I’ve really enjoyed.

One of the stories had to do with this writer in Texas, a few hundred miles from where we live, who wrote stories on the internet.  She wrote this story that she started receiving e-mails about from a grateful reader.  They became correspondents online, then friends, then fell in love. The reader had been trapped in a horrible marriage and had a child by her abusive husband.  The writer, despite her own personal problems, reached out to the reader to lend encouragement and her friendship.  They eventually fell in love, and the reader found the strength she needed to break out of her misery and to establish a life with the writer, whose love was so freely offered.

I really liked that story.  There was so much in it that reminded me of how Lex and I feel about each other, and it made me appreciate my loving wife even more.

I snuggled next to Lex while she read it the next morning. “Amanda, did you see that this story is based on real events?”

“Can you imagine being that poor woman and feeling so alone and sick and miserable, and then having her whole world, and her daughter’s world turn around and become a haven of happiness for all three of them?”  I brushed the hair back from Lex’s forehead and planted a kiss on it. “I love you, Lex. You rescued me, too.”

“I couldn’t let you drown in that creek, Amanda. Besides, one look at you, even wet and shivering, and I was a goner.  I love you, too, Amanda.  Hey, maybe you should write our story.”  Lex pulled me close until I was snuggled under her chin and my arms were wrapped very securely around her back.

“I don’t know.  Our story might be a little unbelievable.  I think I’ll stick to my blog.”

I looked up to see what Lex’s reaction was, and she kissed me. Once more I forgot what we were talking about and just went with the moment.

Twelve years. Twelve wonderful, crazy, eventful years of our life in a story?  Nah!



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