For Old Time’s Sake

It was an ordinary afternoon. The weather was chilly. It had been raining for two days in a row, the kids were restless and the ranch needed all hands to make sure the stock got fed.  Now that we are a cattle ranch as well as a horse ranch, there’s even more to do when we have inclement weather.

Lex tugged on her boots and waterproof duster. Then she put her gloves and black cowboy hat on.  Have I ever mentioned how incredibly sexy she looks in her black cowboy hat?  Can you imagine how my hormones went crazy the first time my eyes focused on her after she pulled me out of my Mustang when the covered bridge collapsed?  I was a goner as soon as I saw those beautiful blue eyes shining out from underneath that weather beaten black cowboy hat.

I’m still a goner. So, right after she went into the hay barn, I put on my warmest jeans, the shirt that she gave me years ago that used to be her younger brother’s and my boots and followed her to the barn. When I could tell Lex was absorbed in thought while she loaded up the truck with bales of hay, I climbed as silently as possible into the loft.  Once there, a creaking floor board gave me away.

Lex looked up to see me standing at the edge of the loft.  “Amanda?” She had the cutest expression on her face. She was obviously puzzled. What was I doing up there? I decided to see how quickly I could jog her memory.

“Can I help?” I carefully got as close to the edge of the loft as possible. Naturally, Lex moved closer, just in case I lost my footing, which I naturally did.

I let myself go and she promptly moved under me to catch me in her arms. “Feel familiar?”

“Amanda, what are you—Oh. Yeah. This seems a bit familiar.” She kissed me and the years melted away.

As she nuzzled my neck, she spoke softly to me, “Do you know what is different about this time?” Then she sucked on my earlobe and I  forgot what we were talking about.

“This time,” she said, “it’s a dozen years later. And my back just locked up. And I have no earthly idea how to put you down without screaming in pain.”

“Oh, Lex! I’m so sorry. Let me—”

“No! Don’t move.  Let me think.” Lex turned around in a small circle and finally figured out that if she got me close enough to the tailgate on the truck, she could put me down there and lie down next to me without it hurting too much.

It worked. There was a lot of wincing, and the sound of wind being sucked in through teeth, but I finally stopped doing that when she was in a comfortable position and I could make myself stop with the sound effects.

I put a small pile of hay under her head and lay down beside her. Then I ran soothing fingers under her shirt to relax her enough to drive the truck to the house and get her inside.

That was the thought, anyway. But Lex had other ideas. My soothing fingers led to her probing fingers and suddenly the thought of back spasms was all gone.

For old time’s sake.

I love you, Lex.



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