A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Jeannie and I were talking about how motherhood has changed us both and how hard it is to keep our priorities in order when it comes to our mates.  Poor Lex has been nearly consumed with the cattle business, supplying aged meat to some of Austin and Houston’s finest restaurants.

Keeping up with the kids and managing the house have been more challenging as each year has gone by and the kids get older.  Good old-fashioned romantic evenings are few and far between.  Our spirits and libidos are willing but our flesh keeps saying, “What, are you nuts?”

Jeannie said she and her husband made a trip to Austin and did a little shopping. She handed me two packages and gave me a wink.  “I think you’ll enjoy your romantic evening.”  She told me to wait until Lex and I were getting ready for bed to open the presents and not to open them in the same room. “After all, part of the fun is the surprise.”

That night, when all three kids were asleep, I handed Lex her package and retrieved mine. “What’s this?” Lex asked.

“Something from Jeannie. We’re supposed to open them separately at bedtime.”

“Jeannie?  Are you sure it’s safe? You know your sister, she loves to torment me.”

“I know, but the package is soft. So I figure it’s safe.” I took my package and went into the bathroom with it. Lex decided to sit on the bed to open hers.

“What the fuck!” Lex laughed out loud and came to the backroom door.  “Amanda? Is your sister even a little bit sane? What in the hell?  What are we supposed to do with these?”

I opened the bathroom door and struck a sexy pose. “Like what you see, Slim?” I sashayed past my wife and turned around and played with the front zipper.  It just screams sexy wife, doesn’t it?”

Lex was speechless.  She fingered the material in her hands and said, “I’m not putting this on.”

I went to her and rubbed against the flannel shirt she was wearing. Static filled the air and tiny sparks of electricity could be seen due to the friction of the materials.  “C’mon, sparky. Give it a chance.”

Grumbling, Lex changed into what could only be described as bunny pajamas. Dr. Denton’s for adults. Complete with the flap on the backside.  Finally, we both stood in front of the mirror on the dresser and took stock of what we looked like.

“Well it is warm,” I offered.

“I thought they were supposed to be romantic,” Lex complained. “I feel like a two year old. I thought it’s supposed to make us sexy.”

“Sure to a herd of rabid bunnies.”

“What do you think, Amanda?”

I played with the flap on the back of Lex’s Forever Lazy Adult One-Piece PJ’s and hummed a little bit.

“What are you thinking?”  I must have had that look on my face that made Lex think, “Danger, Will Robinson!”

“Let’s just see what we have here.”  I played with the zipper with one hand and brushed the other hand over the material starting at the collar and down to Lex’s thighs. Then I turned her around and started rubbing my hands over her back and down to the flap in the back. “This could be useful,” I said as I slipped my hand between the flap and her skin.

Lex shivered and I was inspired.

The next morning, Jeannie called while we were still waking up. We’d shed the pajamas hours ago, but they had served their purpose.

In her most smug voice, Jeannie asked, “So, did you like your presents?”

“Mmm. Did we ever. Thanks!”

Lex took the phone and said, “Great idea, Jeannie. We need to go now.”

I could imagine the shock on Jeannie’s face when she realized her joke had backfired. But that thought quickly dissipated when Lex started nibbling on my collarbone and running her hands down my body. Oh yeah! Great gift, Jeannie.


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