Like Mother, Like Daughter – Virtual Genetics and Dinner Don’t Mix

“You know, Lorrie, the food is all going to go to the same place.”

“Eyewww, Mom! Not while I’m eating.”

I heard Lex snickering while she wiped Eddie’s face with a washcloth.

“And what’s so funny?”

Lex beamed with pride, “She’s just like I was as a kid.”

“Was?” I pointed to her plate and repeated myself, “Was? When did now get to be was?”

Sure enough, Lex’s plate had the meat to one side, the mashed potatoes on the other, and the steamed vegetables made a perfect triangle of food that absolutely, positively, did not touch each other.

She grinned. “Okay, how about this. I’ll move my veggies right next to the mashed potatoes and they can sit side by side?”

“That’s gross, Momma!”

I stared at both of them while Mel blissfully swirled her broccoli spears through her buttered mashed potatoes before taking a bite. Well, I guess that little talk about table manners bears repeating.

Eddie picked that exact moment to spit up.  No one said a word. They just cleaned him up and sat him back in his highchair.

I had to ask before my brain exploded from the strain of trying to understand my loved ones. “None of you batted an eye when Eddie spilled the contents of his stomach.”

“Why would we?” Lex asked. “All babies spit up. It’s no big deal.”

“But the thought of your meat touching your mashed potatoes disturbs you?”

“That’s just icky, Mom! I mean, we’re not going to eat Eddie’s barf!”

How in the world did Lorrie inherit Lex’s penchant for separating her food on her plate? I was just about to ask that very question when I noticed that poor Mel’s face had gone white the moment her sister had mentioned Eddie’s barf.

“Momma, I don’t feel so….”

Another memorable dinner at the Walters had just come to an end.

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