For Years to Come

Lex and I were lounging around in our bedroom and started talking about how our lives were in the early days of our relationship.  How we were inextricably drawn to each other. How we became necessary to each other, and how each of our senses of well being became completely tied up with the other’s.

I still look at Lex and see the much younger woman who overcame obstacle after obstacle in order to run her ranch and make a success out of it. Meanwhile, she dealt with alienation and isolation, and had been abandoned so often in her life that it’s a wonder that she trusted me so easily.

But there it is. Sometimes you just know. Sometimes you see the person, hear their voice, and you know that this is the person you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life.

Lex is that person for me.  She saved me. Not just from the creek, but from a life with no future. I know my grandparents love me. I’ve always known that. But the one-on-one commitment to another person who you want to share everything with is hard to find.  And more precious than anything.

I asked Lex if she remembered our wedding vows.  I was embarrassed to say that I don’t remember the words I said, but I do remember every emotion I felt.  Lex confessed afterwards that she couldn’t remember the words either. But then she pulled me close and kissed me.  Then she said, “I’ll never forget this.” And she kissed me again.

Some friends of ours are being married at the end of October.  Lex joins me in hoping that the day is a wonderfully blessed day for them both.  May their lives be filled with love, laughter, and the devotion that comes only with the deepest love.

Dedicated to Cindy and Cathy.



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