What the **** is this?

Let me say this so that you’ll understand where I’m coming from. It’s about where I came from as opposed to where I am now.

I live in Texas. You all know that. Do you remember that I came from a particularly spoiled rich kid life in Southern California? When we want snow, we pay ridiculously high resort costs and go to the snow. It does NOT come to us. No how, no way.

Flash forward to my life now in Texas. The part of the state that our ranch is on is exempt from snow. DO YOU HEAR ME, WEATHER?

If we wanted snow, we’d go somewhere where people are equipped to drive, walk, and exist in it for more than a day. Not here on the ranch.

Yeah, yeah. Let’s talk about that movie I saw on TV the other night. Maueen O’Hara and Juliet Mills brought their “Champion” Heresford bull to Texas to start a new line of cattle by breeding them with the Texas Longhorns. Yeah, it snowed in the movie and many of the calves froze to death. Where exactly was that supposed to be? Squaw Valley have a sister resort in Texas or something?

Well, apparently, it’s here. The ranch is socked in with ice and snow. Lex and the ranch hands have gone off to deliver bales of hay to the livestock that are out in the pastures and making sure their stabled horses are all warm and cozy.

When she gets back, it’s a hot bath and hot chocolate for her. I saw that in another movie once, and I suppose its how you make cold people warmer.

There is another way I’ve heard about. How to warm Lex up when she gets home, after that hot bath and cocoa. I’m sure we can create enough heat together. Makes me smile to think about it. Yeah. Maybe snow isn’t so bad after all.

The kids are having a blast trying out their snowman making skills. Martha is keeping the girls at her place so that she can stuff them full of chocolate chip cookies and other hot tasty treats. Eddie is still young enough to require many naps, so…

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


9 thoughts on “What the **** is this?

  1. Hey Amanda can I have more updates as to what havoc Freckles is getting into.
    See my best friend is a dog and boy does she get on my nerves she is always chewing on me and carrying me around. Mom even has pictures of it how embarrassing. I was just wondering if all of them are that way.
    love your stories i read them when mom is sleeping sshhh dont tell her lol

    1. I’m so happy to know that Freckles is entertaining you, Panda. Freckles isn’t much into stuffed toys. I tried playing fetch with her and she just sat there and looked at me like, “You tossed it, you get it.” And sat down facing the other way.

    2. Thanks for letting me know that you’re enjoying the blogs. Freckles is a wonderful dog. She just can’t understand that the word, “No” applies to her. Just like the kids. Thanks for reading! Amanda.

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