It Used To Be Toasters

Did I ever mention that Jeannie has too many refrigerators?

When she married Rodney, Dr. Rodney, or uncle Rod, and our kids call him, his well-meaning family decided that they should give the happy couple something that would be of use for a long time. Something that would see them through their child’s teenage years, especially if their son ate as much as Rodney did as a teenager.

They gave them a new refrigerator. “How wonderful,” you say?
My folks thought so, too.
Dad gave them a new refrigerator.
Charlie, Martha and Ronnie went in on a new refrigerator.
Not to be outdone, so did we.
Oh, and so did my grandpa and grandma.

The wedding reception was a hoot. The delivery trucks showed up with several huge, gift wrapped cardboard containers. Each one carrying popular brands with and without ice-makers.

There were very few small packages and absolutely no toasters. Or waffle makers, or coffee makers.

The family left it up to them to decide what to do with the surplus kitchen appliances. After all, they could just pick what they wanted and return the rest for other things they might need. That was the conclusion the family drew until Rodney and Jeannie couldn’t hold in the laughter anymore.

Guess who’d bought themselves a very practical early wedding present?

Toasters are much easier to return. When Lorrie grows up and gets married, I think we’ll just go with that. I imagine she’ll get something several years old, but right out of the box from her Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Rodney.


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