Hell Hath No Fury Like A Big Sister’s – Part One

Well, the poopy brown stuff has made contact with oscillatory device.  And, accordingly, Lex is in hiding. Laughing her posterior off.  But hiding.

When Lorrie and Lex returned from the bunk house, I didn’t have the heart to tell Lorrie that Mel had given her faithful dog a makeover. The buzz cut was right down the center of Freckles’ back.

“MOM?! What happened to my dog?”

Of course, Mel was nowhere to be found when Lorrie marched Freckles into the room to show her momma Freckles’ reverse Mohawk.

Lorrie narrowed her eyes.  “Did my sister do this?”

There are times I really love Martha.  Then there was this particular moment when she walked into the room.

“She sure did, honey. And with Grandpa Charlie’s favorite electric razor.”

Mel is still hiding under her bed.

Lex decided that she needed to go back to the bunk house.  I hope she’s comfortable there.


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