Batting Eyelids Like They’re On Fire

Mel just got back from Martha and Charlie’s cottage. She was batting her eyelids like they were on fire.

“I’m s’posed to tell you Mada is gonna call,” she sweetly said.  Then she hugged my legs and volunteered to take a nap.

Unfortunately, Lorrie was down at the bunk house with Lex and couldn’t rat on her sister.  I had to wait for Martha’ s call. Fortunately, Melanie had barely cleared the top stair step when the phone rang. She turned around and stared down at me for a moment before turning on her heels and making a beeline for her bedroom.

“Hi, Martha. What did she do? No, I haven’t seen Freckles, why? Wait,  here  she comes up the front steps.”

“Oh my god! Please tell Charlie I’ll buy him a new razor.”



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