I’m in Cattle Country Now

I like tuna fish. I like sushi. I like shell-fish.  And once in a while, Lex tries to hold her nose while I have some. 

“This is Texas, after all,” she says. “We only eat meat we can brand.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! Doesn’t anyone in this state go fishing?” I ask.

“When was the last time  you saw a fishing pole at the feed store?” Lex counters.

“Well, nevermind. The last time I had fish was when Melanie was in diapers.  It’s about time I indulged myself a little.”

Lex looked thoughtful for a minute.  “That was fish?  I thought that smell was something in Mel’s diapers!”

Can a person smirk and run for their lives at the same time?  I swear my Lexington can.


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