I’m in Cattle Country Now

I like tuna fish. I like sushi. I like shell-fish.  And once in a while, Lex tries to hold her nose while I have some. 

“This is Texas, after all,” she says. “We only eat meat we can brand.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! Doesn’t anyone in this state go fishing?” I ask.

“When was the last time  you saw a fishing pole at the feed store?” Lex counters.

“Well, nevermind. The last time I had fish was when Melanie was in diapers.  It’s about time I indulged myself a little.”

Lex looked thoughtful for a minute.  “That was fish?  I thought that smell was something in Mel’s diapers!”

Can a person smirk and run for their lives at the same time?  I swear my Lexington can.


RockingWMom and Wife

I stepped outside to check on the kids. They were traipsing after Lex as she led the new gelding around outside the stable. It was limping along, fully trusting in Lex’s gentleness and her soothing voice.

Behind Lex, Lorrie and Mel were following their mother. Mel was imitating Lex while Lorrie pretended to be a horse that her sister was leading. Looking at my girls took my breath away. I realized, for the millionth time, how incredibly lucky I am and how much I love my family.

As my eyes began to tear up, Lex looked up and caught my gaze. The light wind whipped her hair away from her face, leaving her looking windblown and positively gorgeous.

Before I realized it, I was standing in front of my partner, wrapping my arms around her while she lifted me off my feet, her lips descending toward mine.

“Mush!” Lorrie pretended to gag as her sister joined in.
“Oh, mush!” Mel added. “Mom! Momma! You two are yucky!”

Just wait little ones. Your time will come.