Out For The Night

In case anyone is looking for us, we’re headed to town for dinner at my grandparent’s home. Then out to a movie with my dad and Lois. It wasn’t planned to be an evening out, especially on a school night. Lex just wanted to make sure that the house wouldn’t spontaneously burst into flames if I stayed in it, as angry as I am.

No, I haven’t taken after my mother and started talking to match sticks. What I did do was to foolishly leave a platter of roasted chicken too near the edge of the kitchen counter.

Did you know that Lorrie’s dog, Freckles, is a rat terrier? They can jump, effortlessly, several feet in the air or in any direction. This one jumped, grabbed the chicken, and landed several feet away before I could say, “Freckles! Don’t!”

Lorrie came running in to see what her dog had done this time, and thought the whole thing was too funny for words. “I’m sorry, mom. Freckles! Bad dog!”

The next time I saw Freckles, she walked by me with a satisfied grin that I refuse to believe was just her whippet genes showing. She looked up at me and burped. And burped again. Did I mention that the movie is in Austin? That should give me several hours to cool down.