140 Characters? You’ve Got to be Kidding

Lex made a valid point last night.

I was telling her about this thing Jeannie showed me. It’s where you share bits about yourself on the Internet, but you can only use 140 characters or less.

I have NEVER used 140 characters or less to talk about anything. That’s what Lex told me. That’s why I have this lovely bouquet of flowers that was just delivered to me, and Lex is peaking around by the porch to see if she is forgiven.


I Am Chagrined

I really am. Totally flummoxed by my own attitudes. I actually channeled my deceased mother today. That is not a good thing. It is a bad thing. A very bad thing.

Lex and I were discussing whether to allow the children to take the school bus to school. Since I am no longer going into town every day to manage Sunflower Realty, Lex thought it was a good opportunity to let the kids ride with other rural children to school and back.

She had reason after reason for Lorrie and Mel to ride the bus, and I shot down each one. My kids were NOT going to ride the school bus like some ordinary kid if I could help it. I’ve been taking them to school each day since Lorrie started daycare and I refused to see any other possibility.

“Amanda, is there some reason you don’t want the kids to take the school bus?” my much better half asked.

“How do I know they’ll be safe? I mean, who is this bus driver, really?” I wore a pout guaranteed to make my Lex think twice before answering.

“The bus driver? He’s Wanda’s brother, Phil. His own kid is on the bus. Remember Frankie? We had them all over for barbecue last summer.”.

“Oh.” I looked away so that Lex couldn’t see my pout turn into an embarrassed flushing of my cheeks.

“Amanda, didn’t you ever ride the school bus? I mean, with you house way up in the hills above Pasadena, how else did you get to school?”

Now pay attention, because this is where the chagrin comes in.

“Our chauffeur drove us.” I said that in my smallest, “please don’t hear me say what I just said” voice.

“Your chauffeur drove you?” Lex fell over laughing.