Temper? Moi?

Okay, so here’s the deal.

Our angelic little angel, “Mel from Hell” was throwing her latest tantrum because her older sister, Lorrie, was helping Lex out with a new gelding that needed some extra care or something.  Lorrie was not the least bit sympathetic, which is typical lately. She is starting those pre-pubescent hormonal changes that make pre-teens heads spin in circles.  Mel, of course thought it was her right to help since Lorrie had been helping Lex out from an early age.

Lorrie is the potential rancher, and heir apparent to Lex.  Mel, should maybe consider something else entirely.  I never saw a child who could spook a horse just by saying ‘hello’ to it.  Thus, the tantrum.  And Lorrie, the not-so-sympathetic, reminding our young princess that she wasn’t cut out for the job, which made Mel cry even harder.

Lex swears she didn’t mean for me to hear her mumble, “Seems she’s got her mother’s temper”, to her adopted brother and our vet, Ronnie.  Of course, I overheard her and handled the situation with all the grace and aplomb that the situation called for. I stormed back into the house and started making dinner for my family.  I have absolutely no idea why the kitchen cabinets were slamming shut and the pots and the pans couldn’t find their way to the stove without a lot of racket.  I don’t have a temper. Not me.  Never.  Except for when i was pregnant, or  when we run out of chocolate at a very crucial time of the month. 

Thankfully, my Lexington is brilliant at anger management.  She left Ronnie in charge of the kids, came in the kitchen and led me upstairs to show me a better mood to be in.

Gotta love that gal of mine.